Lights, Camera, Action! at Wirruna

It has been all action this week at Wirruna Poll Herefords with the sale preview videos done and up on-line to assist prospective clients do their homework for choosing this year’s bull, prior to their 24th August sale day.… Continue reading

Super Sires on offer at Wirruna

The Locke family of Wirruna Poll Herefords at Holbrook are well established as a supplier of Poll Hereford genetics to commercial beef producers, well known for their high level of performance recording and superior genetics with breed leading calving ease,… Continue reading

Lock-down fails to restrain demand

The Locke & Hanna families were delighted with strong support at their Spring Bull & Female Sale held on 25th August 2021. “We knew the crowd numbers attending the sale would be severely curtailed by the COVID-19 lock-down restrictions,” Ian… Continue reading


  • Wirruna sire, long-necked for calving ease, with great carcase
  • Carcase weight, Eye Muscle Area & Marbling in top 5% of breed
  • Top 1% ranking for $Index values reflects excellent profit driving traits
  • Top 5% 400D growth, from a calving ease… Continue reading


  • A growthy & smooth-bodied Wirruna sire with exceptional B- muscling
  • Consider his combination of top 1% muscle & marbling for high MSA Index
  • Tope-end carcase scans for EMA & IMF% support his carcase EBV credentials
  • Top 5% fertility-stayer cows throughout… Continue reading


  • Top of the drop Kalimna son – Selected as HAL Super Sire
  • A real curve-bender-good growth from an easy calving genetic base
  • Ideal carcase attributes – quantity (top 8% CWT) & quality (top 1% IMF%)
  • A high $Index sire with… Continue reading


  • Papa is a classy, good-barrelled sire by Koanui Techno
  • Appreciate his good growth without compromising the calving ease traits
  • A high libido bull with high semen quality
  • Few bulls can boast higher $indicies to boost profit potential

Semen available in… Continue reading

Wirruna for Breed Leading Marbling

Wirruna Poll Herefords are well known for their level of performance recording of their beef genetics and their drive of improving various commercial traits that are required by beef producers and the beef market. One trait of importance is marbling,… Continue reading

Cracking Wirruna Spring 2019 sale

Wirruna’s Spring 2019 sale was well beyond my expectations. With many parts of Australia battling extreme drought and dwindling female numbers for many clients, the demand for bulls and females was expected to be subdued at best. Instead, a good… Continue reading