‘Quality Beyond Genetics’ Approach

quality beyond geneticsWirruna Poll Herefords is a seedstock producer based in southern New South Wales focused on providing high quality & fully described Poll Hereford Bulls to the commercial beef producer. We welcome visitors to this site and encourage you to read our testimonials and view our sales section for bulls and semen for sale.

“Bulls only a by-product of a highly fertile and efficient cow herd.”

THE ‘ QUALITY BEYOND GENETICS’ APPROACH: At Wirruna, we see ourselves as a very different seedstock operation. We believe that modern seedstock production goes beyond just good genetics. Seedstock producers must focus on servicing a wide range of client needs that extends well before and well after the point of sale.

Wirruna’s ‘Quality Beyond Genetics’ approach is to provide fully described & predictable genetics, genuine back-up service and add-on client services aimed at helping clients achieve long-term beef herd profitability.

We believe that it is important for you to understand the features of the Wirruna program that are designed to benefit you as clients:

Breeding & Management Strategies

quality_beyond_IMG_3429The cattle are run under strict commercial stress conditions, at well above district average stocking rates, with no grain feeding.
There is no selection compromise for fertility. The trait of highest economic importance has the highest selection pressure for bulls and females. In selecting other traits, we seek a balanced approach.

We do not trim feet, feed for appearance, or show cattle. Our system is designed around highlighting cattle that both perform and do not perform for the commercial beef producer.
Cattle are objectively measured and Group Breedplan evaluated to accurately describe growth, carcase and fertility traits Maintain inherent structural soundness & docility.
Presentation of Sale Stock – “Bulls are honestly presented for sale.”
Full independent evaluation for breeding and structural soundness, including serving ability test, of sale bulls to reduce the risk of product failure.
Comprehensive sale catalogue designed to take the guesswork out of bull selection
The buyer friendly ‘Helmsman sale’ is designed to reduce buyer risk and increase the chance of the right bull being purchased for the right price.
Bulls are grass-fed increasing longevity & decreasing premature break-down .

Quality Assurance – Wirruna have a Biosecurity Plan with a J-BAS 8 status.   We also subscribe to the Seedstock Producers Code of Practice for ethical presentation of seedstock.


After Sales Services

“The Bull sale is the beginning of a relationship,……not the end of one.”


quality_beyond_IMG_3538Wirruna undertake client visits, advice in cattle selection and management for profit and problem solving. Telephone contact and follow-up on bull performance and updates on EBV’s
Educational seminars and field days designed to improve clients understanding of the principles of profitable beef production and to better meet market targets.

Wirruna Benchmarking Service – Through consultants, Holmes Sackett & Associates, Wirruna offer a Benchmarking service where participants submit their own business data and gain benefit through group activities to better understand what drives profit in their beef enterprise.

A unique bull guarantee that not only covers the risk of a faulty bull, but compensates for failed pregnancies (detailed in catalogue).
We have a strong commitment to helping our clients achieve economic success in commercial beef production. This effort was recognised when we were awarded the following:

1995 National Seedstock Producer of the Year Award – Click Here
  • 2002 NSW Seedstock Producer of the Year – Click Here