The after sales service from Wirruna is as good as, or better than most manufacturers would ever provide. In 2009, we bought a bull that went in with mostly heifers and a few second season cows. The preg test results were rather dismal, with just 55% PTIC. It was way worse in the heifers, with only 6 of 21 in calf. I mentioned this to Ian at the next sale to see if he could shed any light on our problem. He reminded me of the Wirruna guarantee and set in motion a compensation claim for a sub-fertile bull, which was very generous and well beyond our expectations.

With this sort of backup and freely given good advice at any time, and the ongoing improvement to our herd, our 30 odd years as a client of Wirruna will continue for many years to come.

Jim, Jean & Richard Beale.



We at “Springvale” have been buying “Wirruna bulls” for 15 years.

The selection of bull types is great, especially if you want:

  • Specialist heifer bull
  • Muscle bull
  • Growth bull
  • Good herd bull
  • Sire for stud use

The feedlots and markets choose our cattle. Calling us to purchase at buying times, because of the yield-muscle and good doing cattle. The after sales service is top order. A credit to the team at Wirruna.

We are very happy to be associated with Wirruna and highly recommend them as a seed stock producer.

A R Hill (Tony Hill)


We have been buying Wirruna bulls for years and are now using Wirruna genetics exclusively.

It’s the integrity of the Wirruna program that really appeals to us.

Truly ‘low cost of production’ cattle, enjoyable to calve down, plenty of growth and fertile females.



Costello Holdings have been using Wirruna bulls since 1998 & currently have approximately 80 (Wirruna bulls) working under drought conditions in Central Australia.We have found the Wirruna bulls to be very fertile, easy doing, structurally sound & of good temperament, resulting from the Locke’s strict testing policy on all of these traits.

Wirruna has been largely responsible for the improvement in muscling & early maturity pattern in our herd whilst keeping a cap on mature cow size, enabling our breeders to maintain high weaning rates in below average seasons.

Our objective at Lilla Creek is the development of a fertile & efficient cow herd focusing on sustainability & cost of production, Wirruna compliment this well with the pressure they put their own cows under, both in stocking rate & fertility.

The genetic gain of the “Lilla Creek” herd is now closely linked to that of the Wirruna herd. Since using Wirruna bulls, Ian Locke, in his own right, has been a big help to us as a business in focusing on the issues that matter most & we value his input & friendship greatly.

Donny & Colleen Costello
Costello Holdings NT P/L