AI Sires

Wirruna Trait Leader T125

  • Truly a Trait Leader – Leading SSR/NSR $Index bull in the breed (May 2024)
  • 10 EBVs rated in breeds top 5% – across CE, growth, fertility & carcase
  • I rate his sound foot structure & shoulder shape – supported by… Continue reading

Wirruna Titus T167

  • Outstanding calving ease + Breed-leading carcase traits = Easy to use
  • Curve bender – Offers top 10% 400D growth from a lightest top 5% BWT EBV
  • Exceptional EMA & IMF% at scanning yielded top 1% Muscle & Marbling EBVs
  • Out… Continue reading

Wirruna Theo T315

  • Always a standout from a calf with strong early growth, lots of shape & style
  • Exhibits excellent fleshing ability & achieved one of the highest IMF% scans
  • Select to boost milk (top 5% Milk EBV) & for earlier born calves… Continue reading

Wirruna Taradale T398

  • An impressive Qantas son offering curve-bending growth & tremendous muscle
  • Expect progeny to be born easily & early (top 5% Gestation Length)
  • Boost MSA performance with good early growth, top 1% CWT & IMF% EBVs
  • Use to improve foot structure,… Continue reading

Wirruna Smokin Joe S010

  • Exceptional top of the drop sire – leading weight gainer of cohort
  • Carries coveted trait combination of calving ease & high growth & CWT
  • Combines B- muscle with EMA & IMF% EBVs in top 5% of breed
  • A short gestation… Continue reading

Wirruna Saul S019

  • An outstanding Qantas son with strong calving ease and short gestation length
  • A heifer’s first calf achieving good weight/day of age and strong IMF% scan
  • Very few sires can boast such a large BWT to Growth EBV spread 
  • One of… Continue reading

Wirruna Scout S182

  • The standout Quarterback son offering short GL, top 1% 400D & high fertility
  • Large testicles & elite fertility traits – top 1% of breed for SS & DtC EBVs
  • Combines carcase quality (top 15% IMF%) with good muscle (top 5%… Continue reading

Wirruna Shea S222

  • Soft-coated Limehills Starter son achieving high-end weight/day of age
  • Top 1% 400D & 600D growth & one of the highest CWT EBVs in the breed
  • Exceptional carcase scan – amoungst the highest for EMA & IMF%
  • I like his B-… Continue reading

Wirruna Steakout S457

  • Highest marbling sire in breed (2021 drop) – best IMF% scan of 239 ‘S’ bulls 
  • A sound structured Querido son – a different bloodline for many
  • Consider his curve-bending growth profile from a calving ease base
  •  An excellent EBV profile… Continue reading