AI Sires

Wirruna Ryan R121

  • A Wirruna sire achieving top-end muscle & marbling scan data
  • He combines the valuable trait combination of top 5% EMA & top 1% IMF%
  • He offers top 1% early growth traits, without compromising the CE traits
  • Use to boost growth,… Continue reading

Wirruna Rodney R133

  • A long-bodied Trust son with docile nature and structural soundness
  • Out of a top female, chosen for donor duties after this first calf
  • Great trait balance-calving ease without compromising growth, & strong marbling
  • Amoung the breed’s highest rated bulls for… Continue reading

Wirruna Redgate R203

  • A classy & well-muscled Lennox son out of a highly proven donor cow
  • Offers plenty of growth – top 5% for 200D & 400D, top 1% CWT EBVs
  • A B- muscle pattern supported by top-end EMA & RBY% EBVs
  • Note… Continue reading

Wirruna Ramsay R262

  • A very nice bull with great structure & B- muscle conformation
  • Full ET brother to AI Sire Redgate R203 with low Birthweight EBV
  • Top 5% EBV rating for carcase weight, muscle, meat yield and $Index values
  • The G7 Dam has… Continue reading

Wirruna Rockefeller R355

  • A nice type with excellent B- muscling & length of body – joined to heifers
  • The Napier progeny were standouts at carcase scanning – led by R355
  • Consider his combination of top 1% muscle & marbling for high MSA Index… Continue reading


  • A new Kalimna son to drive herd performance – top $Index for profit
  • Highest fat & 3rd highest marbling scan out of over 200 contemporaries
  • Excellent structure & attractive phenotype compliments strong EBV profile
  • Used heavily at Wirruna to capture… Continue reading


  • Curve-bending EBV profile by Super Sire Matty, out of a proven Donor cow
  • Calves born easily & early (Short Gestation) – with good early growth
  • He combines high CWT, muscle & marbling to boost carcase performance
  • Used over heifers, this… Continue reading


  • Few in the breed can match “Quality Q100” for marbling & B- muscling
  • Offers top 5% growth traits, without compromising calving ease traits
  • Short gestation length EBV, for early born calves, promotes easier calving
  • I rate this Matty son for… Continue reading


  • Techno son with curve bending growth, positive CE and moderate MCW
  • Improve carcase attributes with top 1% CWT, IMF% and top 5% EMA EBVs
  • I admire this fellows body length, shape & profitable balance of traits
  • Maternal strength via proven… Continue reading