On Farm Processing at Wirruna

The Locke family of Wirruna Poll Herefords at Holbrook are well established as a supplier of Poll Hereford genetics, well known for their level of performance recording of their beef genetics and their drive of improving various commercial traits that are required by beef producers and the beef market. “Genetically, we offer bulls that can significantly improve the economic returns of the beef producing client”, Ian Locke said, “on the carcase side, this includes being the highest marbling
Hereford herd in Australia”.

In an effort to get additional feedback on carcase quality and the beef-eating experience of the consumer, Wirruna recently processed 32 cattle on-farm with Provenir, involving their mobile abattoir, and partnering with them to sell Wirruna branded beef into the high quality beef service
and in Sydney & Melbourne and direct on-line consumer orders.

Annabel Locke was keen to try the Provenir system. “Animal welfare is of fundamental importance to us with animals raised from birth and managed in a low stress and natural environment on our farm.” Annabel said “Provenir offers an animal processing option with the highest animal welfare standards in mind. Sources of animal stress such as trucking or exposure to unfamiliar environments are removed by the Provenir system.”

Figure 2 -High Marbling Steaks from Wirruna Poll Herefords
“We put so much effort into the genetic side of things, it has been good to try and get a little closer to the consumer to see how the product eats” Ian explained, “we spoke to the Provenir team, including Butchers and Chefs, and got to try a fair bit of the product ourselves, we were delighted
with the glowing feedback received, from the market place and friends.” The Wirruna team intend to build on this partnering relationship with Provenir to get closer to the end consumer and better understand their requirements.

Wirruna will hold their Spring Bull & Female sale, on-property at “Spring Valley” Holbrook and on-line via AuctionsPlus at 1PM on Wednesday, 26 th August 2020. 66 Poll Hereford Bulls and 20 PTIC
females are listed for sale. These are all fully described with Breedplan,  independently assessed and scored for structure & fertility, fully genomically tested including parent verification and free of
genetic diseases. Catalogues are available and Videos are available on-line via the Wirruna website; www.wirruna.com.