Three things to remember

threethingsWirruna Poll Herefords

We see ourselves as a very different seedstock operation compared to most studs

Disciplined Approach to Breeding

  • All cattle run under commercial stress conditions
  • All cows and heifers joined for 6 weeks only
  • All heifers must have a live unassisted calf at 2 yrs
  • All cows must bring a live unassisted calf through to weaning; every year!

“All cattle that fail these strict fertility hurdles are culled – the are no favourites!”


High level Performance Program

  • Renown as one of the most well-recorded Hereford herds using Breedplan
    • Over 9,000 recorded cows and 6,000 birth-weight record
  • Cattle run and recorded in large management groups

 “A Genetic program, -focussed on breeding, not feeding!”


Commercially focussed sale stock

  • Grass-fed bulls – naturally grown.  Not over-fat and prone to early breakdown
  • Client friendly Helmsman sales in both Spring and Autumn each year
  • All bulls independently assessed for structure and breeding soundness
  • Breed leading genetics
    • 2010 born bulls average in the top 10% of the breed for all $Indices and top 5% for Grain-fed & Grass-fed $Index.

“What you see is what you get”