Solid Spring 2016 Sale

The Wirruna sale experienced a strong vote of confidence from commercial buyers for the top end of bulls. Of note, the first 10 lots were sires used in the Wirruna program, and 9 of these went to commercial beef operations for an average of $10,000 clearly indicating that commercial beef producers have their ‘tails up’ in the current beef market. The top priced bull ($16,000 for lot 6) ranked in the top 10 2014 born bulls for the $Index values was and was snapped up by long term Wirruna clients, Ray & Michelle Cheers. Stud interest included new client John Cowcher of the Quaindering Poll Herefords in WA ($12,000 for lot 2), Tarcombe Herefords VIC ($10,000 for Lot 18) and new client Louis Leake of Chocolate Park Poll Herefords in SA ($10,000 for Lot 42).

Typical of the Spring sale, the Heifer bulls averaged $5,654, above the Growth bulls (ave. $5,350) and Muscle bulls (ave. $4,682) strongly reflecting the demand for the higher calving ease genetics. It was pleasing to see 25% of bulls going to new clients and with a 82% clearance we believe that offering 15 additional bulls than the previous spring sale gave clients the opportunity to find value and not go home empty handed.

Sale Date:  24th August 2016 (Bulls) 24th August 2016 (Indiv Female Lots)
No. Offered: 53 14
No. Sold: 49 14
Average Price: $6,224 $4,286
Top Price: $16,000 $7,500
Name of Top Price Animal: Wirruna Kingfish K145 (lot 6) Wirruna Clara K24 (lot 55)
Sire of Top Price Animal: Otapawa Spark 3060 Otapawa Spark 3060
Purchaser of Top Price Animal: ER Cheers & Sons, Goolgowi The Hayes Family, Tarcombe Herefords, Euroa VIC

On the female side, the heifer lots were in high demand, averaging $4,286 and topping at $7,500 for lot 55, going to long term supporter of the Wirruna program, The Hayes family at Tarcombe Herefords. 78% of the female lots went to new clients including 4 to the Weller family of Swanvale Poll Herefords NSW and 4 to Riccarton of Warrion, Vic.

Ian Locke said “it was a solid sale with strong commercial support. We can see that buyers are seeking to invest in better genetics and are very clear about the economic traits they are seeking, which in turn better drives our breeding program.”

The Helmsman sale was successfully interfaced with AuctionsPlus and this drew a further 31 registered onlookers and bidders who operated remotely, purchasing 8 of the lots offered.