• A Katnook son with exceptional muscle confirmation
  • Carcase improving traits – Top-end EMA, RBY% & IMF% EBVs
  • I like the natural growth & easy-fleshing ability of this attractive bull
  • High $Index Sire – top 1% ranking for Grain-fed $Index

Semen available in the Sire (see Semen Sires Catalogue)

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[label]Name[/label] WIRRUNA NIMBLE N184 (AI)

[label]Soc ID[/label] WNAN184

[label]DOB[/label] 14/08/2017

[label]Sire[/label] WIRRUNA KATNOOK K74

[label]Dam[/label] WIRRUNA MADAM K343

[label]Pedigree & EBV’s[/label] Click Here

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