Beale Property

The after sales service from Wirruna is as good as, or better than most manufacturers would ever provide. In 2009, we bought a bull that went in with mostly heifers and a few second season cows. The preg test results were rather dismal, with just 55% PTIC. It was way worse in the heifers, with only 6 of 21 in calf. I mentioned this to Ian at the next sale to see if he could shed any light on our problem. He reminded me of the Wirruna guarantee and set in motion a compensation claim for a sub-fertile bull, which was very generous and well beyond our expectations.

With this sort of backup and freely given good advice at any time, and the ongoing improvement to our herd, our 30 odd years as a client of Wirruna will continue for many years to come.

Jim, Jean & Richard Beale.